Gabriel Snyder


Gabriel graduated from Campbell University in both Undergraduate and School of Law.


Gabriel’s primary focus of the law is  Personal Injury Law.


What made you decide to become a lawyer?

I decided to become an attorney at a very young age. I would see people who needed help and I wanted to put myself in a situation where I had the ability to help. That’s why I chose the legal profession.

What made you choose your specific focus of law?

I chose to practice personal injury, mainly car accidents when I was in law school. I was in a significant accident where my sister was killed and I was placed in critical condition. We were hit by a drunk driver. Ever since that time I realized how much injured people need an advocate, someone to share their pain and represent it to insurance adjusters and jurors. I am able to empathize and understand because I have been there. I have experienced relearning how to walk, eat, and shower because of my injuries. I know how to explain that feeling because I’ve been there.

I know how to express the loss of a loved one because I’ve been there.

In your opinion, what sets your law firm above the rest?

Our ability to relate. Our ability to empathize and to give special attention. The big firms can’t do that like we can. We don’t take on more cases than we can handle. We take the cases that we believe in and are willing to go the extra mile to fight for.

How important does your faith play a part in your practice of the law?

My faith plays a crucial role. I consistently request that my clients pray about important decisions before making just like I pray for them personally and in their case. You can’t separate our firm from our beliefs. But we will advocate just as hard for our clients even if they don’t share our faith.

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