Expungement for Dismissals

N.C.G.S. §15A-146 Dismissal or Not Guilty N.C.G.S. §15A-146 provides for the expungement of all records pertaining to charges that have been previously dismissed.  This means that if you have a misdemeanor, felony or multiple of each, that have been dismissed, those dismissals can be erased from the State's records which includes your criminal record. We… Continue reading Expungement for Dismissals

Expungement Eligibility

Expungement Eligibility for Convictions N.C.G.S. §15A-145 Misdemeanor Conviction Under the Age of 18 Any person who enters a guilty plea or is found guilty of a misdemeanor when under the age of 18 can have that misdemeanor expunged from their record so long as the following conditions are met: The person was under the age… Continue reading Expungement Eligibility