Expungement for Dismissals

N.C.G.S. §15A-146 Dismissal or Not Guilty

N.C.G.S. §15A-146 provides for the expungement of all records pertaining to charges that have been previously dismissed.  This means that if you have a misdemeanor, felony or multiple of each, that have been dismissed, those dismissals can be erased from the State’s records which includes your criminal record.

We see a lot of clients who have difficulties finding employment and leasing because dismissed charges show up on their criminal record.  Fortunately, the legislature recently updated its outdated statutes. Now North Carolina allows for an infinite amount of expunctions for dismissals.   If you think you are eligible, look at the requirements below to be sure.  You can always call our office and we will gladly handle the expungement(s) for you.  If you have convictions that need to be expunged, check out our list of eligible charges HERE.

Any person with a felony or misdemeanor that was dismissed or found not guilty is eligible to have the charge expunged so long as that person was not previously convicted of a felony.  If a charged is dismissed resulting from compliance with a deferred prosecution agreement with the State, the Court will charge a $175.00 fee upon the filing of the expungement petition.  If the charge was dismissed or the person was found not guilty, there is no fee.

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